Quad-State Air Compressor Sales & Service first started using the Saylor-Beall consignment program back in 2002 and has been using it to their advantage ever since.  Quad-State knew that Saylor-Beall would help them take care of their customer’s need for quality air compressors.  They use the consignment program to help them get their customers up and running more quickly, to improve their business’s showroom floor to their walk in customers, and to win sales by a visual comparison of Saylor-Beall vs. the competition.

Capturing the sale in a customer emergency

Quad-State currently stocks 4-6 compressors at a time and it has helped them in several instances! For example, they had a local paving company purchase a stocked UL machine because their existing spray truck compressor was down. The company needed to get their truck on the road for a large project the next day, so they brought their vehicle to Quad-State. Quad-State’s technicians had the compressor installed and tested so the service vehicle could get back on the road that very day!

Improving your showroom floor

Having a quality product has also helped improve Quad-State’s showroom floor. Many of their customers who have had bad experiences with big box retailers are happy to see a local company that sells and services a quality product. Many of their customers come into their store and comment about their lineup of compressors!

Selling with a visual comparison

Quad-State also stocks a few low end imports for the homeowner market. Their customers have been able to physically see the difference in quality between a Saylor-Beall and other competing models. They have sold many customers into purchasing a Saylor-Beall once they see the ruggedness of the compressor over the competition.

Impacting your sales and bottom line

With compressors on hand for their customers to see, Quad-State agrees that the consignment program works. Quad-State said: “We get a great product to display & sell, we don’t pay till we sell, it helps us to up sell from our lesser product, we have a USA made product, and the units are almost trouble free!” Call us and see if you can make our consignment program work for you too

Quad State

Chad Murray & Darin Horst of Quad-State installing a Saylor-Beall on a service truck

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Quad-State Air Compressor Sales & Service has been serving their local businesses compressed air needs since 1994 out of their office in Greencastle, PA.  Quad-State focuses on continual training to consistently provide the best air compressor service and system design to their customers.   They primarily service Federal & local governments, factories, farmers, small businesses, contractors, and more.