Fillmore Equipment is a company that repairs and services farming equipment for their customers. As a long term John Deere equipment owner, they are used to USA made products that are built to last. They were expanding their business and needed a new air compressor at their new facility that fit the toughness and durability they have grown to know.


SawyerFillmore Equipment met with Paul from Sawyer Engine & Compressor to find the right air compressor for their new expansion. The Saylor-Beall compressor seemed to be the right fit for the customer because it would easily handle their work load, is built in the USA, and matches the quality standard that they are used to with their John Deere equipment. However, the customer was still on the fence. Paul told them that Saylor-Beall was also offering free shipping during the month that the customer was looking to buy, and that set the sale in motion.

Pictured:  Dennis Whitten, Service Coordinator at Sawyer Engine & Compressor


They decided to purchase the Saylor-Beall compressor and they have exactly what they needed. Their compressor pumps all the air they need, and they are confident it will last. Not only that, but they know they are backed by Sawyer’s excellent customer service as well as the Saylor-Beall Brand.


Sawyer Engine & Compressor was founded in 1983 by Brian Sawyer and services the western Michigan area.  Their location has given them a strong connection with agriculture and tool and die shops. They have built their business on the foundation of “the customer comes first” and offer sales and support for all their customer’s compressed air needs.

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