New Saylor-Beall Home

          By Bruce McFee  – President


The recent installation of a new two stage hone may be the most significant

manufacturing improvement ever made by Saylor-Beall as it has dramatically

improved the performance of our air compressors.

New Hone2

The hone provides for a rounder cylinder with more consistent micro-

finish.  It allows the piston ring to seal more closely against the cylinder,

reducing the amount of oil that can pass downstream.


The main advantage of two stage honing is the ability to perform a roughing

operation, then come back and do the finish operation with much more

accuracy. The machine uses CNC control to vary the honing speed, also

switching to different grit stones needed for the finish operation. The machine

also uses a  brush final operation to knock off burrs or high spots that might

have remained after the finish operation.


While oil is a necessary evil, necessary to lubricate moving parts, its disposal

can be a maintenance nuisance. Oil has always been an irritating side effect

of air compressors. It often mixes with the compressed air, only to condensate

later in the air system. It can cause valves to stick. It can leak through gaskets.

In today’s more environmentally conscious society, anything to reduce the

impact of oil is considered a plus.


Our two stage hone has been in production since March, 2015.  We’ve already

seen noticible improvments in our compressor pumps.


We hope this is one additional thing that adds value to Made in the USA.

Click here to see the new hone operate in a video!

tmh emd 20 30hp


Performance Package contains a uniquely designed aftercooler.

The high speed fan mounted to the motor shaft cools better than

other models.



duplex med

Duplex Models with UL Approved alternator control panels are

ideal for climate control applications



Rings Flat

New piston rings include a special taper and overlapping joint.

The design is ideal for applications that are concerned with oil.